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A Brief Introduction...
SIMQUIP is a small, wholly Australian owned business that since 1998 had been supplying simulator constructors with flight simulator equipment and are the original world wide producers in this market place. We manufacture a range of simulator products for use in low to high end simulation. We specialise in production of B737-NG and A320 assemblies and sub assemblies not to mention our range of hard to get parts for your flightdeck. Budget conscious pricing, high quality products, along with our realistic delivery times ensures SIMQUIP is your construction partner and a premier provider of affordable simulator equipment. We can provide all your needs from initial concept through to certification. This site is your one stop web address for an extensive range of essential parts and about everything in aircraft simulation. If you don’t see it here, just ask....
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Throttle stand (Pro version)
Website FAQ 
Customers can pay us for goods via Paypal or direct bank transfer. Most customers prefer to use Paypal because it is fast and offers the customer a high degree of buyer protection.
Yes, depending on the item you want to order it is possible to come to an arrangement with us to pay for products in instalments. If you want to go onto a payment plan to suit your budget, check out our payment plan.
Once we receive payment for an order we either;
  • commence production immediately
  • Allocate a production time slot so that production can commence at the next available opportunity.

If there is going to be a substantial delay in obtaining a time slot, we will always advise the customer in writing and seek permission for extended time to commence production.
Under the terms and conditions of trade we are obliged to offer repair, replacement or refund.
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Yes, All dispatches come with tracking. You will receive tracking details via an ‘order dispatch notification’ email.
The Australian Dollar (AUD) is not a widely traded currency on the world market. Most customers are more comfortable buying in their own currency. Since most of our customers originate from Europe, it makes sense for us to trade in a currency they immediately recognise.
No.Shipping prices are calculated when an item is added to the shopping cart. Shipping costs are based on the region you select for delivery.
The shipping region you select when adding an item to the shopping cart must match the postal address entered during checkout.
It means that the item will be dispatched 14 days After Receipt of Order. Other item lead times are;
7 days ARO
21 days ARO

An item with ‘dispatch immediate’ is an off the shelf item and usually will be in the mail on the same day.
‘Simquip’ is a Portmanteau of the words Simulator Equipment
The red tags tell you what specific aircraft model the part is applicable to.
Fits all B737’ means that this part will fit any correctly dimensioned B737 flightdeck regardless of the model.
For Boeing NG’ means that the part will fit any correctly dimensioned B737, but will look out of place on a non specific NG styled flightdeck.
Absolutely! We use Paypal as our primary payment processor. Under the agreed terms and conditions of sale,if you are not satisfied with one of our products or it does not arrive, you have the right to claim a full refund including any shipping charges. By purchasing with Simquip you are assured of delivery or your money back.
From 1997 until 2001 Simquip was a licensed Boeing parts manufacturer. This means that we had access to Boeing drawings and related intellectual property. Our parts are very accurate and although some materials may differ from the aircraft most of our parts will fit directly onto an actual aircraft. Boeing were so concerned that our replica parts could be used instead of OEM parts that they insisted that our parts be marked "SIMULATION USE ONLY" which we still do to this day. If our parts do not fit a correctly dimensioned simulator flightdeck, we will provide you with a refund of any purchased part.
Right here in Queensland, Australia
When you add an item to the shopping cart, a screen with available options will appear with the available options and pricing. If a product does not have any options, the screen will not appear. The options screen will allow you to control the price of the product before it is added to the shopping cart.
If an item has no shipping options, it means that the shipping cost needs to be determined by us before you can purchase the item. If you proceed with the purchase, we will contact you with an accurate shipping price.