Simquip Specials

SOLD- this special is no longer available
We have 2 brand new collimating mirrors for a 727/737 visual system. These mirrors were purchased by PanAm prior to their collapse and were never installed. These mirrors are surface coated acrylic resin and have significant advantages over the traditional glass mirrors used in older simulators;

  • 50% lighter than glass mirrors
  • Wont crack or chip
Collimating mirrors are the single most expensive item used in a top end visual system and we have 2 of them for a fraction of the price of new ones. The original invoice for these FAA level D mirrors shows $41,200 each, but if you want to build your own collimated visual system, you can have each one for only $250USD(€ 212) plus shipping. If you are interested in acquiring a very interesting part of American aviation history then contact us at

CRT monitors, flatscreen monitors and short throw projectors.
No, you will have to obtain these separately.
Yes, but they are specifically designed for the design eye point and cross cockpit viewing of B727 and B737 aircraft windshields.
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