Simquip Specials

During the month of May, June and July we will commence advertising much of our stock and unassembled parts. You will be able to purchase these parts using our normal PayPal checkout system. You can also enquire about availability of unlisted parts by contacting us.

Pilot entry folding handles in lots of 10 =70 Euros

These handles are normally listed for 30 euros for each handle, but you can buy these handles in lots of 10 (thats 7 euros each!!. The original manufacturer of these handles no longer exists and to our knowledge, we hold the only stock left in existence . The handles are dimensionally identical to the OEM product. We have 5 lots of 10 handles left and once they are gone they are gone for good. We are not selling these handles individually, so please don't ask. We supply a CAD drawing of the handle mounting bracket to the purchaser of each lot of handles, so that the purchaser may replicate the OEM bracket.
In summary;
  • Handles are brand new (factory fresh)
  • Finish is satin black
  • Pricing is 70 euros per lot of 10
  • 5 lots of 10 at the time of writing
  • Postage is calculated during checkout
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Aft sidewall liner first Officer side 90 Euros

This is the side aft sidewall liner. Like all of our liners it is constructed from a thin, strong heat formed ABS and unlike many of our competitors products, is finished in the correct Boeing colour(liners grey). This Liner is guaranteed to last at least 40 years, or way beyond the lifetime of the simulator. Please note that both the Capt and FO Liners have built in document pockets and are supplied with the large 'flight kit; foil decal.
This liner will fit all series real cockpits and our fibreglass 737 enclosure. MATERIAL:ALUMINIUM,VACUUM FORMED THERMOPLASTIC
Postage will be calculated during checkout

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