Pioneers of home simulation

Matt Ford
Matt Ford is one of the original home constructors. If you are a millennial who thinks that amateur simulation construction started with you, then you need to look at Matt’s web site and see a history of how this hobby kicked off.
While there were others who were extending the flying experience from a computer monitor to a partial flightdeck, Matt was the first to adapt his simulator from bedroom to a real cockpit shell. Matt was was doing what many of us dream about long before Project A320, FDS and Simquip.

Les Taylor
While Les is not a pioneer in terms of originality, his garage based simulator is a shining example of what can be done on a modest budget. Les focussed on having a functional flight deck before turning his attention to cosmetic items. Most of the engineering he has employed was of his own invention. Some of the outstanding points of his simulator is his 3 projector, visual system which has had the edge blending tuned and refined to the point of being worthy of any high end simulator. It should be noted that he is also a Simquip long time customer. To see his simulator in action have a look at this video he uploaded.