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If you require a very low cost solution to simulator construction then consider our fibreglass enclosures. With 46 units delivered world wide, our enclosure has been an outstanding success and the basis of many simulators. We offer some important options to fast track the completion of your simulator. Options include; WINDOWKIT Once installed the windowkit adds surprising ambience to the shell as well as helping to contain any environmental enhancements including airconditioning and audio. The windowkit consists of all window panes that are simply bolted to the cockpit shell these panes comprise of custom cut 1/4" acrylic sheet secured with countersunk bolts for a flush finish. The windowkit includes everything needed to install the windows, including; counter sunk bolts and nylocs, adhesive foam sealing, drill and countersink tool. If you want the shell delivered with windows installed there are options to have the windows cut out and to have the windows fitted before it leaves our factory. Please note that the windowkit does not include the sliding DV windows.
SEGMENTED KIT We have a segmented kit option that allows the constructor to have the shell shipped as a kit so that it can be re-assembled at your facility/location. Not only does this kit allow the constructor to move the shell in and out of confined entrances such as doorways, but it also allows significant savings in shipping costs. Because of its strength, resistance to dents and insulating properties, Fibreglass is by far the best material to construct a flightdeck shell from and is used by almost all simulator manufacturers.The segmented kit has advantages and dis-advantages as listed below; segmented kit advantages
reduced shipping costs
parts can be moved in and out of a standard doorway
can be reassembled in a 2.7mx2.7m room

segmented kit disadvantages

12 man hours and 3 persons required to reassemble the kit
not suitable for use in motion simulator due to reduced structural integrity
increased purchase cost
Delivery time is increased by 2 days

The kit comes complete with all hardware and only basic tools are needed for the reassembly. included is a detailed manual and reassembly guide.

You have 3 choices here;gloss white, gloss black or matt black.Except for the matt black, these are no-cost options to suit your application. Matt black is highly recommended for constructors intending to install a visual system.Gloss white is surprisingly the most easy colour to maintain and keep clean.

  • Strong glass fibre composite
  • 100% dimensionally correct
  • gloss white,black or matt black finish
  • Can be used for all models Motion compatible
  • Very transportable
  • Ready to fit out
  • very low cost solution
  • Aluminium internal frame
  • Instrument panel frame
  • CPT mounting base
  • Window kit
  • Matt black finish
  • Compatibility
  • All Airbus 318/319320/321 models and variations
To produce a shell of any colour takes 14 days. To manufacture and install any selected option requires an additional lead time of 7 days
Contact us prior to ordering for a delivery quote to your location.
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