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General: We have taken our high end simulator tiller and redesigned it to a new form factor and price to fit the entry level market. By using a brand new mechanism and electronics, this unit feels and behaves just like the real thing. It is a structure mounted tiller that was designed to be secured to the simulator rib or hard-point and is set at the correct height behind the liner as per the aircraft.There is no ‘springy, toy like feel that other so called professional tillers have. Our tiller feels silky smooth and solid with no lash or play in the handle. Experience smooth and very controllable ground handling that other tillers cannot replicate.The precision electronics ensures that the tiller responds to the smallest of inputs. Release the handle and it returns to dead centre every time without fail. This tiller will fit real and after market shells due to its unique design. The tiller comes with a position placard and a replica B737 tiller handle. When it comes to simulator tillers in this market segment, we guarantee that our new tiller is the best feeling, most precise and well built unit available. It simply has no competition in this market segment.
Installation: It will take up to one hour to install the tiller and could easily be fastened in place with simple screws or rivets on a non-motion simulator within minutes. Once the forward console liner is re-installed the tiller blends perfectly with the flightdeck and becomes a must have control item.
Connectivity: The tiller connects to the host computer via USB and depending on the simulation software, null zone and sensitivity should be fine tuned before using for ground manoeuvring. Simply plug and play regardless of your OS or simulation software.
Reversing switch: If your simulation software does not have the means to reverse or invert the directional signal being output by the tiller, this optional switch allows you to invert the output of the tiller to correct the steering direction. example: If you turn the handle to the left and the simulation software steers right and vice versa, then this optional switch will correct this problem.
Construction: All metal
Connectivity: USB 2.0
Tiller handle: Included(but can be deleted if you already own one)
Position placard: included
Universal mounting bracket:included
Reversing switch:optional
USB controller:built in (included)
Fidelity: Subjective
Production timeframe: 14 days
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