Simquip order payment plan

We are offering constructors the ability to order parts now and pay the parts off over time. This is called a layaway, Lay-buy or lay-by depending on where you are from. It is effectively a personal payment plan that allows you to achieve your part acquisition goals without running up your credit card or taking out a loan. Just follow the list of questions and answers below that will allow you to order any part off our web site. This is by far the best time payment system available on the web.
  • Zero interest.
  • Zero risk.
  • Pay when you want.
  • Guaranteed delivery.
Go to the order form
The first step is to go on our products page and select the items you wish to place on order taking a note of their part number,description and quantity you want.
Fill out the payment plan order form and submit it
Within 24 hours you will receive a Paypal invoice for 20% of the order.
Once we have received your order payment we will send you a confirmation email indicating your total order, payments received and the balance remaining.
Absolutely not. The whole purpose of this payment plan is to provide a way of paying off parts in an interest free manner.
Follow the instructions in the How does it work ? question above, but make sure you fill out the order form before requesting a payment plan
6 months from receipt of the first payment.
Simply notify us via email within 5 months of placing your order and we will refund all of your payments minus a 20% restocking fee based on the total of the initial order.
Yes.If your payments are consistently timed, we will ensure that your order is ready to ship when the last payment is made.
As soon as or just after your last payment is made and your balance owing is zero.
There are none. Just make a 20% deposit to get the order going and thats it!
No, the purpose of the payment plan is for you to pay off the order when you have the means.
Yes, you will know up front all of the costs including shipping.